“Every business requires Advertising and all advertisements need the power of expressive visuals and appealing content.” – Viral Bug Films

When we say the word advertising, what comes to your mind? Is it the visuals playing on television? Or the constant barrage of sponsored posts all over social media. Maybe it’s the humongous hoardings and banners or posters that you see on roads or on walls. Or maybe just the huge spaces that newspapers devote to a celeb or product blaring into your face? Or is it the constant pop ups or google ads each time you open a website? I mean, come on, it’s the 21st century it’s the era of commercialisation and advertisements, they are everywhere.

But the question is how exactly are Video Production and Advertising related?  Well, we can counter that with just one question, can you advertise without visuals? And by visuals we mean all kinds of visuals, be it videos or photographs or logos or content. The thing is people have a tendency to view Video Production as just creating videos when it’s actually so much more.  It covers ideation, content creation, editing, voice overs, sound, content and copywriting and so much more, all this just to create one amazing video that will leave the audience completely enthralled. And the truth of the matter is, every advertising agency is bound to hire a video production house for their work unless it’s completely inhouse like it is at Viral Bug Films. 

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How can Video Production help my business?

Now, this is the first question that every business owner especially start-ups ask video production houses and we do understand the reason behind this. Setting up a business is not an easy feat and running it is even more difficult. This is why most business owners want to know why they should hire and spend their hard-earned income on an advertising agency or a video production house. 

We have all noticed a steady increase in the usage of videos in recent times and they have become as essential to various businesses as their products and services. There are a lot of factors that are responsible for it. Here, we are listing five of them just for you,

1. Visuals are Impactful

You can’t deny that, can you? Anything with visuals is certainly more interesting to the general public. Where does today’s generation spend most of their time? It’s not the books, I mean we have e-books and audio books as well now and very few like the boring television fare they are serving now a days except what OTT platforms are providing. This is why social media has become a regular stop for most people when it comes to taking a breaking these days. And what better to showcase you on social media platforms than an advertisement that grabs their attention. Now there are many advertisements on social media which might make you roll your eyes and you might scroll past them but that isn’t happening at Viral Bug Films. You don’t just scroll past advertisements created by us! Our visuals are always appealing, like bugs are to the eyes of a hungry bird. They definitely leave the audience hooked.

2. Visual Stories that make you stand out

Pretty sure that you have been bombarded with advertisements all day, every day.   But how many actually standout or leave a lasting impression upon the mind? How many have made you search for the product or service? This is where unique storytelling comes into play. The market is competitive and every company is fighting to make its mark. This is why each one of them has a dire need for novel ideas that will make them stand out to their target audience. And that is exactly what video production is here for. At Viral Bug Films, we are a team of novel story tellers, who add their own unique touch to otherwise normal ads. Our advertisements are not just advertisements, they are stories that tug at the heart of the audience, they are an experience in their own.

Let our Cadbury concept ad tug at your heartstrings!

3. Visual Stories that make you stand out

Let’s be honest here, there is a point of time when one gets tired of constantly explaining their products and services. But when mere words are accompanied by sound, video and graphics, it makes it easier for your target audience to understand them. And when someone understands your product, you can easily surmise what comes later. Yes, you guessed it right! It generates more leads and more leads near well equates more consumers and generation of more revenue. When your homepage opens to an impressive explainer video, it gives the audience or consumers an overview of what you have to offer. It also helps them decide whether they want to contact you or not, so the better your explainer video is the better are your chances of cinching a client or customer.

4. Showcase your brand and business ethos through videos

You might think that adding some pictures with just an audio to explain your brand and business will cut it but you are so wrong! How many of you know that a lot of people scroll through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook without their sound on? You don’t just need pictures you require moving pictures with optimal content that helps translate the culture and work ethics of your brand and business. Obviously, that doesn’t mean that you leave the sound completely out! Music and sound curated specifically for a business or a brand are essential for people who want to watch videos on platforms like You Tube or are scrolling through your website. You have to give them the full immersive experience. But what if your audience is one of those browsing on mute over social media? They won’t even realise how much you have to offer! And you would end up losing prospective clients. Pretty sure you don’t want that to happen but wait there is a solution for it, yes, it’s video production.

5. Get the audience engaged

Have you ever stopped at an advertisement video because it was fun and enjoyable? Did it make you click the link to see if the company had more such ads to offer. You did, didn’t you? This is what Video Production is for, if you want people to visit your website or long to learn more about your business, an enjoyable advertisement is the key. Audience engagement with your advertisement is directly related to your sales and revenue.

You have got to get the audience thinking along the lines of, “Yeah that, looks fun. When their videos are so amazing, their work must be as well, I would love to give them a try. Hey, they look promising, I wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to work with them.” And to get your target audience thinking along those lines you have to lure them with videos that are so appealing that they just can’t say no. Want to know how Viral Bug Films appeals to the audience then click right here. 

Watch Asha’s story

These are just a few of the many reasons why video production is important for marketers these days. This is why, as a full-service agency that also works as a video production house Viral Bug Films is committed to providing optimum yet cost efficient services each and every time. Our aim is to become the numero uno choice for all businesses when it comes to showcasing and marketing their brands, products and services. Our video production services are always a class apart because our goal is not just client satisfaction, it’s to earn the trust of the clients in order to establish long standing relations. This is why there is no middle path for us, when it comes to work, we give our utmost best each and every time. 

There is a reason we call ourselves bugs, we work hard like ants and bees and help you evolve like a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly! You might think that’s a weird comparison but that’s nature and the Viral Bugs for you. We work day in and day out with passion and zeal to ensure that our clients never leave disappointed.  So, what are you waiting for? Create the buzz for your business today with Viral Bug Films! Contact us at Viral Bug Films and prepare to get bitten by the creative bugs.

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