Video Production. How many of you have heard the term? What exactly do you understand by it? It basically refers to the entire process of creating a video. Sounds easy right? If only it as easy as it sounds but it comes with a catch.

Video Production incorporates not one but three stages of production which include Pre production, Production and post production. Now let us explain these stages in a simple manner for you. 

Pre – Production:

How does a movie, advertisement or a music video begin? It all begins with an idea that can take the market by storm. That’s what is created during pre-production. Numerous sessions of researching and brainstorming curates an amazing idea that will leave the audience absolutely entranced. It is plotted on paper, reviewed and revised time and time again, so that it’s all set to capture minds and hearts. No wonder most production houses have dedicated teams of scriptwriters and screenwriters because they are the ones who infuse ideas with life.


So, you are done with the paperwork and your script is ready but what now? How are you going to execute it? This is when the production team steps in with their professional cameras in tow. One might think that it is the cameras that make their work excellent but that has never been the case. What makes a production team special is their skills, the way they manoeuvre those cameras to implement the script to the T, but definitely not without throwing their creativity into the midst. So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that most successful production teams are full of creative geniuses who know their art like the back of their hand.

Post Production

The production team has returned to the office with raw footage that looks amazing but is it perfect? Well far from it. All that you have at hand are mere visuals, definitely wonderful but just that. So, where’s the final product? It’s time for the post production team full of savvy editors and designers to take command. Footage has to be woven together, music needs to be added, dubbing has to be done, graphics have to be added and a lot more. All this, just to make a video that will make the audience go “WOW.” And post production teams are adept at making this possible. There’s a reason every video production house wants the best editors and designers!

Every professional video that you watch on screen, from documentaries and advertisements to short films and feature films are all created by video production houses. What might seem like a simple and entertaining or informative video to you has so much more to it. So, the next time you watch a video do think about the work that must have gone into creating it! And THIS was just a simple overview of the three stages, there are a lot more intricacies that are involved with each but we’ll save that for a later date.

For now, we leave you with a simple quote:

“Video Production is a constantly evolving industry. Your degrees don’t matter here, what matter are your skills and your willingness to upgrade yourself each day.”

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