Supercharge your Business: Unleash the power of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

Video content has become an essential part of digital marketing strategy, as it offers an engaging and effective way to create brand awareness and increase digital market presence. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are short-form video features that have gained immense market popularity in recent times. Instagram reels were created in the year 2020 and […]


The Lumiere Brothers gave birth to movies in the year 1895 with their revolutionary camera and projector Cinematographe but the first digital video for a company was created a lot later in 1941. It was produced by the Biow Company and was a 10 second advertisement for Bulova watches. The advertisement costed only around 10$ […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Films: What, Why and How?

Have you heard of Reliance Foundation, HDFC Parivartan, Tech Mahindra Foundation etc? These are all the CSR arms of three of the major corporates within India. The question that arises is what exactly is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR? It is a term we see and hear being used in relation to many companies, but […]


  Imagine this scenario: You receive a last-minute call for a small video shoot and you have to reach the location as soon as possible. You take all the equipment that you could remember and leave. Now you are finally at the site, you open your bags but wait, what do you see? In your […]

Top Film Festivals Around the World

Film Festivals are not merely large-scale film extravaganzas filled with glitz and glamour as most people would like to believe. They are more, so much more. These grand fests provide a well-deserved platform to stellar films of a diversified range. Films from various genres with varied concepts and formats and in different languages all meet […]

The 5 best Event Films of the Last 5 years

Event Films are defined as blockbusters or top grossing movies whose release is an event in itself. These can be big budget movies or sequels with a humongous star cast, they might have state of the art VFX or stories that grip the audience. They can be anything but what sets these movies apart from […]