The 5 best Event Films of the Last 5 years

Event Films are defined as blockbusters or top grossing movies whose release is an event in itself. These can be big budget movies or sequels with a humongous star cast, they might have state of the art VFX or stories that grip the audience. They can be anything but what sets these movies apart from […]

Types of Documentary Films

Documentary films is a genre of filmmaking that dates back to 1922 when the American director Robert Flaherty presented his film, Nanook of the North which was a record of the lives of the Eskimos living in Nanook. This movie set the cinematic stage for documentaries and is considered the first “original” film of this […]

Establishing a Film Production business

You have finally decided to be your own boss and the business of your choice is Video Production. Now arises the major question how to turn that dream into a reality. Today we are going to guide you through the various stages of setting up a video and film production house.  So, what should be […]


“Every business requires Advertising and all advertisements need the power of expressive visuals and appealing content.” – Viral Bug Films When we say the word advertising, what comes to your mind? Is it the visuals playing on television? Or the constant barrage of sponsored posts all over social media. Maybe it’s the humongous hoardings and […]

Video Production: The What and the How?

Video Production. How many of you have heard the term? What exactly do you understand by it? It basically refers to the entire process of creating a video. Sounds easy right? If only it as easy as it sounds but it comes with a catch. Video Production incorporates not one but three stages of production […]